1. Violeta Juste Diaz – what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

The food of my mother!!

2. If you were one of the four seasons, which one would you be?

I guess I’m like the Autumn, a bit melancholic…

3.  If you could travel in time, where would you go?

Back to 60’s , absolutely.

4. Which celebrity would you got to a deserted island with?

MacGyver, he would know, for sure what to do to survive in each moment.

5. Which dessert you can never get enough of?

Uff, Palacinke (with nutella, marmelada, cream,…) is really up in the list, but the ones which my father does!

6. Describe Ajdovščina using only one sentence.


7. What is love?

The opposite of romantic movies shows.

8. If you caught a goldfish and it granted you one wish, what would it be?

More goldfishes! To have more wishes 

9. Is there a skill you’d like to have, but you don’t?

Be able of play any instrument, I’m totally hopeless about.

10. If you could give one piece of advice to the young, what would it be?

Don’t waste your time, learn a bit more everyday, about everything.

11. How and why did you end up in Slovenia?

As I always said, Slovenia choose me, more than me Slovenia. I was only looking for an experience abroad, was this or Lithuania, I  did the correct choise! :)

12. What did you learn in this EVS year?

A lot of things, and I’m grateful for that, perhaps the most important for me is that I have learned how to be more self-sufficient and deal better with the loneliness.

13. Your best Slovenian memory?

One year is enough for quite a lot of good memories, but I can say, the best ones I have passed with one really important person (important for me, of course).

14. Did you get any friends here in Slovenia?

Yeah, the best ones!

15. How your day in Slovenian looked like?

Things to do, friends to visit, jokes to share, roads to walk, fun, calm and beers.:)

16. How would you compare living in Spain and living in Slovenia?

Here everything goes with other  “tempo”, more relaxed (less in hicking time); people don't have that kind of gastronomy tradition as we have, for me, in general, slovenians eat because they must do it for survive, no because they enjoy the ritual of eating (of course, you can’t generalize); Slovenians are more sportive than us, they take good care of their appearance; slovenians are more closed than us but more open than the rest of Europeans; Life here starts earlier than in Spain, for that they have more free time along the day, for me that is good and bad, I hate waking up early!!! But is really cool have the afternoon free for your personal stuffs.

17. Many of the young people in Slovenia and Europe don’t see a bright future ahead of them. Is EVS program maybe something that young people should use more, especially in these days?  

I really think is a good experience for everyone, even if the things were working better, but yeah, right now is the best option for people who don’t have the economic opportunity of going abroad to try a better future, like the most of the young people, from my country.

18. Have you had any unpleasant experiences working in Slovenia?

Not really, but all of us, sometimes we have bad and good days, not only in the job, also in our private life. Anyway now, I can say, I appreciate more all the effort that people do when they organize an event and how much work is behind each workshop, festival, exhibition, …

19. If a young person from Slovenia wanted to go to EVS program in Spain, for example, what would you advise him or her?

Start to practice siestas, party goes non-stop until morning lights. And learn as much Spanish as you can, because the most of the people don’t speak a word of English!

20. What will be the first thing that you will do in Spain?

First, bring a big hug  to my family and friends, second take a good shower (will be a long day in airports) and have a good dinner with my family :)

21. If you could ask the Ajdovščina Youth Centre anything you liked, what would it be?

I had an amazing, funny and constructive experience along this year, I hope your first year with an EVS volunteer was great for you too.  Was it? :)

Unforgettable in very best way! But, hey, anyway you are coming back soon...:)))